How to download the Zili app on Jio Phone

zili app download jio phone

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What is Zili app

We will inform you about the Zili app. We will try to find out whether we can download the Zili app on a Jio phone or not. Later on in this post, we will understand the different features you get in the Zili app. 

Zili is a video maker app that helps you create videos. it is similar to Tik Tok and Likee app. We can create, share, like and comment on videos.

How to download the Zili App?

Zilli is a short video-sharing app, launched in the year 2019 by Chinese giant tech company Xiaomi to compete with Bytedance’s Tiktok. Zilli allows users to share short and funny video content with other users.

At present Zilli has more than 100 million downloads on the google play store with over 6.5 million 4 star ratings. The size of this app is 28 MB and is compatible with android version 19 and above. Its interface is specially designed for the Indian market.

How to use Zili App

Now, we will see how we can use the Zili app. Zili has a very simple interface with few options to work with. If you look at its Home screen then you will notice options such as Home, Discover, Plus, Templates and Profile.

Now we will talk about each of them one by one.

Steps to use Zili

  • If you click on its home option, then we will see 2 tabs which are Following and Popular.
  • In the following tab, we can see videos of those whom we already followed.
  • In the popular tab, you can see those videos which are very popular and most liked by the users.
  • By scrolling up and down you can see those videos.
  • On the right-hand side, you can see the profile of the video creator along with a heart button.
  • The heart button is used for liking the video playing on the screen at that moment.
  • Along with this, you will get a Whats app option to share your favorite content on whats app.
  • You can also download the video on zili app that you liked by clicking on the download button at the bottom of the video on any jio phone or any other phone.


  • By using the discover option we can search videos of our favorite artist or topic.
  • In Discover option, you will get multiple categories to select and watch videos from.
  • You can like and follow your favorite profiles directly from discover tab.

How to Create Video in Zili App? 

You must be curious about how to make videos using the Zili app. As we all know that Zili is a video-creating platform and we can create short funny videos with the Zili app. For creating funny videos on the Zili app you need to know about Plus Tab:


  • To download or create a Video in the Zili app in any jio phone or any other phone after you need to click on the Plus sign, Once you click on it, your front camera along with your profile will open up.
  • Now you need to tap on the record button to start recording your video.
  • You will get different options to edit your video, once you tap on the edit option you will see the collection of stickers and filters.
  • For adding various effects to your video you can tap on effect options that will take you to the library of various stickers and filters.
  • You need to download those filters and sticker in order to apply on to your videos.

How to apply Music to the Zili videos

  1. Apply Music to the Video in the Background

  2. Tap on Edit Option and Add different sounds and dialogues to the Video

  3. Click on Sound to apply the music

  4. Click on Record Button to record the Video

  5. Add Tags to the Video along with title

  6. Hit the Publish Button


  • In the Collage option, you can get different types of videos.
  • You can use these videos with different effects and apply them to your own video.


  • In the profile option, you can add your Facebook, and google account along with your phone number.
  • Here you can change your profile picture and user name.
  • Profile is also used for checking followers and checking your ID number.
  • All the videos made by you will be saved under the profile tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download the Zili app for Jio Phone?

Jio phone doesn’t support the Zili app, so there is no option to download Zili app on the Jio phone. it can only be downloaded on Android and IOS phones.

How to Download Videos From the Zili App?

To download Videos from the Zili app, go to your favorite video that you want to download, Look for the down arrow button/symbol at the bottom of the video. Hit the button and your video will be downloaded to the phone’s gallery.

How to Record Videos on the Zili app?

To record videos from the Zili app you need to hit on the Plus button, camera option will pop up, now you need to record the video and hit on publish button.

How to apply Filter on Zili App?

To apply the filter to your videos, open the recording option, look for the edit option on the screen, once you are inside the edit button you will see filter options which you can select for your video and start your video recording.

To Conclude, In this post, we give you knowledge about the Zili app and we showed whether you can download Zili on Jio Phone or not. Along with this we also showed some of the best features of the Zili app. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let us know if you want to know more about Zili or any other Video sharing apps. Thank you!

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