How to cancel an order of food on Zomato App?

How to cancel order on zomato

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How to cancel an order on Zomato?

There are many food delivery options available. It is quite common to place an order for food and then not be able to cancel it.

Why? It’s because there isn’t a button for it. But Zomato is one such big food delivery service that provides order cancelation facilities to its users.

Zomato is well-known for their fast delivery and the discounts they offer. But there are exceptions, where customers claim that the food arrived is very late.

Many people also complained about not being able to cancel orders they had placed in error.

Can we Cancel orders on Zomato?

We can cancel it, at least for Zomato. It is important to understand why there isn’t a button for canceling, even before we tell you how to do it.

People choose their favorite food from their favorite restaurant. Once your favorite restaurant has received the order, they begin preparing it. You know here that time has been given utmost importance. See a lot of people are disappointed with the reason why their food is late.

There are many reasons to be late, but we all know why. If there is a dedicated button to cancel an order all the preparation that has been done for your order might go to waste.

Zomato order cancellation policy

Let’s now get to the real question: “Can we cancel an order on Zomato?” As I said before, yes. But not in the traditional way.

Food cancellation on Zomato is much easier than other services.

How to cancel your order on Zomato

  1. Open Zomato App on your smartphone.

    First, you need to open your Zomato App on your smartphone in order to initiate the cancelation of your order.

  2. Click on the Menu

    Secondly, you need to go to the menu section in the top right corner.

  3. Click on “Your Orders.

    The third step is to find the order for which you want to request the cancelation.

  4. Select the order.

    The fourth step is to click on the exact order you would like to proceed with the cancelation request.

  5. Click “Cancel My Order”.

    You may find the “Cancel My Order” there if you are lucky enough to get this option.

  6. Click on Support.

    And if for any reason you are not getting any option to to “Cancel My Order” then you can directly click on “Support” and get a customer care representative to initiate a chat.

  7. If it’s possible to cancel your order, the customer service representative will confirm with you.

    Then you need to just convince him that why you would like to cancel this order. If you made him convinced about your cancelation reason he/she will immediately take your request to cancel your order.

Zomato refund policy

Zomato users can get a refund if they cancel an order that has been prepaid. You will receive a full refund for your order in this case. Your mode of payment will be used to credit the refund.

If you cancel your order for any reason, such as personal reasons, or if your order is canceled due to an error in your mobile number, address, or unavailability.

In such cases, you will not receive a refund in full or any refund at all. You will be charged a penalty if you cancel your order after paying COD.

In order to get a refund on COD, You must show proof that you received food that has been spoiled or is not eatable. Time to refund will depend on different payment options

Modal PaymentTime Taken For Refund
Paytm Wallet1 hour
UPI2 to 4 Business Days
Debit or credit card4 to 7 business days
Sodexo5 Business Days
Net Banking5 to 7 Business days

Zomato Cancelation Fee

The new Zomato policy aims to reduce cancellation rates. A restaurant can cancel an order and will be responsible for 25% cancellation fees. Source: Times of India

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel an order on Zomato?

To cancel an order on Zomato, first, go to the customer service menu. This will start a  chat with the customer care executive. Now type “cancel my Order” in the chatbox, customer care executive will ask for a reason, provide a valid reason, for instance: I order it by mistake. Now the customer executive will confirm with the restaurant if they can cancel the order or not, If the restaurant hasn’t started cooking then they can cancel your order. Once they confirm, the customer care executive will cancel your order.

How to get a refund from Zomato?

It depends upon the mode of payment you chose to place the order, for Paytm you will get it within 1 hour and for other payment options we have created a table, kindly go through this article.

How to find the Cancel button on Zomato?

There is no cancel button on the Zomato app, but you can cancel an order through the customer service menu option.

Can we Cancel the Order on Zomato?

Yes, If you ordered your food by mistake, then you can cancel it. For that, you have to talk to the customer service executive.

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