10 Best Cricket Academy Situated in India to skyrocket your Cricking Career

best cricket academy in india

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Best Cricket Academy in India

This Post contains the List of the Ten Best cricket academy that are famous in India. As you all know, Cricket lies at the heart of every Indian. India has a deep love for cricket.

This sport belongs to some of the most talented players in the world, including MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev, and many more famous personalities. 

These players are idols to many and have encouraged many young people to play this sport. Every year, there are many new talents that proudly join and represent the country.

Top 10 Best Cricket Academy in India

Here is the List of the Best Cricket Academy in India

1. National Cricket Academy, Bangalore

The academy is located at Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. The focus is to help young cricketers with the potential to represent India. Raj Singh Dungarpur, a former BCCI President, and cricket administrator founded it. 

Former Indian batsman, Rahul David is the current director.

This cricket academy offers the following facilities:

  • It has 18 turf, 3 cement practice wickets, and 6 centre wickets.
  • The academy offers indoor facilities with 3 synthetic wickets.
  • It also has 4 bowling machines for practice sessions.
  • There is also a gym which is there in this academy.
  • Indoor facilities also include lecture halls and physiotherapy offices.

Some notable alumni include Harbhajan Sing, Murali Karthik, and Piyush Chawla. Manoj Tiwary, Rohit Sharma, and Piyush Chawla are from this academy.

2. Sehwag Cricket Academy

This is the best cricket academy in India which one could ask for. Former Indian cricketer, “Virendra Sehwag” is the owner of Sehwag Cricket Academy which is there at Jhajjar, Haryana. 

Sehwag was well-known for his aggressive batting in all formats. 

The academy offers high-quality coaching to improve your cricket skills. They allow youngsters to express their talents. Their branch is in Delhi and also in many other parts of India.

Sehwag Cricket Academy

They offer training programs for different age groups in the academy. Their main goal is to provide high-quality training and a world-class facility for cricket. 

Virendra Sehwag also visits his academy quite often. The coaches are well trained. This academy is relatively new in India. 

3. National school for cricket

It is also one of the best cricket academy that is there in India. it is situated in Uttrakhand. This academy is a joint venture of Abhimanyu cricket academy and Asian school. The infrastructure is similar to that at the international cricket ground in India. 

The academy offers high-quality facilities such as floodlights, stump cameras, and automatic rollers. Professional coaches provide coaching to players. 

It allows players to develop their skills and make a career out of cricket. You can also take the residential and non-residential courses. 

4. Madan Lal Cricket Academy

It is in New Delhi. Madan Lal Cricket Academy is owned by “Madan Lal”. He is a legendary cricketer and wants to support young cricket talent. 

This academy has world-class training facilities for players. Two bowling machines are available at the academy to improve batting skills. 

They also conduct video analysis sessions that focus on a particular player to help him improve his skills.

Madan Lal Cricket Academy

Because it is one of the most well-known academies of New Delhi, its strength is 60 players. This academy aims to provide high-quality coaching and a healthy environment. Madan Lal Cricket Academy is a great option for young players in New Delhi. 

5. Karnataka Institute of cricket

The Karnataka Institute of cricket in Bangalore is one of the top cricket academies. It was founded in 1996 at RBANM’s Bangalore ground. Its main purpose is to keep the players fit.

They offer professional physiotherapists and video sessions to help players improve their skills. It is open all year round, with no breaks for players. 

The Karnataka Institute for Cricket offers quality coaching. The institute organizes international and domestic tours to help players improve their skills. Many academy players have played for India, e.g.: Manish Pandey, Mayank Agarwal, Shreyas Iyer.

6. Jaipur Cricket Academy

This academy got founded by Shamsher Singh. This Cricket Academy is designed to give young cricketers the skills they need to improve their game and feel more confident. 

The head coach and additional coach, Mohammad Habib and Devendra Pal Singh are well-known cricketers.

This cricket academy offers the following facilities:

  • With bowling machines, you can have more than four turfs and cement wickets.
  • The sessions are structured, productive, and most importantly, enjoyable.
  • Camps are designed to give the best training possible to participants in skills, mental strength, fitness, and other areas.
  • JCA organizes numerous tournaments at the district level to assess potential players in competitive cricket.

7. The VB Cricket Academy

A Chennai-based VB Cricket Academy is another prominent Indian cricket academy. It was founded by V.B.Chandrasekhar (ex-Indian Opening Batsman) in 1997. 

It offers basic and advanced courses for different age groups, ranging from 6 years to 19 years. The academy offers coaching programs that cover all aspects of the game including fielding, batting, and bowling. 

The course’s batting focus is on developing advanced and fundamental batting skills. The course also includes innovative drills and programs that will improve your fielding skills.

This academy offers the following facilities:

  • The academy organizes summer training camps and uses modern coaching methods.
  • Video analysis sessions
  • Coaching methods include individual attention, video analysis, coaching programme, beach training, and practice with the bowling machine.

8. Vengsarkar Cricket Academy

In 1994, Vengsarkar Cricket Academy was founded. Former captain Dilip Mengsarkar is the owner of Vengsarkar Cricket Academy. It is a well-respected academy.

It draws players from all parts of India. They offer high-quality coaching and modern facilities. This academy has trained many prominent cricketers, such as Yuvraj Singh and Ramesh Powar. 

A unique interactive online platform was also created for the cricket community.

9. Neerja Modi Cricket Academy

A Jaipur Based Cricket Academy. Vinod Mathur, a former captain of Rajasthan’s Ranji cricket team, established the Neerja Modi Cricket Academy in 2001. 

The academy has a team of highly qualified coaches. Vinod Mathur, a head coach at Neerja Modi Cricket Academy. 

The academy offers modern facilities that allow players to enjoy the best possible environment for cricket. 

10. The Sonnet Cricket Club

The Sonnet Cricket Club, which is located in Delhi, is last on the list. Sonnet Cricket Club is among the best and oldest cricket academy. This club was founded by Tarak Sinha, who is also the club’s coach. 

The cricket academy has produced many of the most talented cricketers in India, who have represented India at international levels. 

Virender Sehwag and Rishabh Pan, Ashish Nehra, and Shikhar Dhawan are just a few of the many famous names that hail from this academy.

The Fees of the Best Cricket Academies in India

Cricket AcademyFees
National Cricket AcademyRs.22000 to Rs.70,000 Annually
Sehwag Cricket AcademyRs.27000 to Rs 30,000 Annually
National school for cricketRs. 5000 To Rs.6000 per day
Madan Lal Cricket AcademyRs. 3000 to Rs. 5000 (per Month)
Karnataka Institute of cricket Rs.22000 to Rs.70000 Annually
Jaipur Cricket AcademyRs.1700 to Rs.3000 (per Month)
The VB Cricket AcademyNot Known
Vengsarkar Cricket AcademyRs.25000 to Rs.30000
Neerja Modi Cricket AcademyRs.22000 to Rs 35000
The Sonnet Cricket ClubRs. 2400 to Rs.4000

How to join the cricket academy

  1. If you want to search offline, Find a cricket Academy in your area. 
  2. If you want to search online then, Google search for the nearest academy.
  3. Ask for the fees, when you visit the academy.
  4. If you are in school then, then join your school cricket team.
  5. Purchase a Kit – Very few clubs provide complete kit, and many ask that you bring your own. It all depends on the club. 
  6. Join a Academy that is registered with the state cricket board. You will get an ID number from the state cricket board. 

Can I join Cricket Academy at th Age of 18

Kids are now starting to play Cricket at the age of 7 or 8. However, one can join an academy even at the age of 18. You can join any time, but you should work hard to make a difference in the game. 

You should not assume that you will be successful by only joining a Cricket Academy. First, one must assess the skill level and proficiency in the game. 

You can then start to enjoy the game by scoring high or taking many wickets. It’s all about being a good player.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for the cricket academy

There is no age to join any cricket academy, but it only matters that whether you are interested in the game and consequently, you should perform well. You can see that there have been many good cricketers in India who joined the National team at age of 26.

Which state is the best for cricket?

Maharashtra for decades is India’s cricketing dominating state. Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, and many other legends of cricket hail from the state. There are more opportunities in Maharashtra as compared to other states.

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