How to Activate Missed Call Alert in your Airtel Mobile Number?

how to activate missed call alert in airtel

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In this post, you will get to know how you can activate missed call alert in your airtel mobile number

Airtel Missed Call Alert is a valuable service. We may Miss calls from the office, home, or friends. In such cases, missed call alerts in your number can be very useful. This utility service is available to all.

This Service allows you to be notified via text message even if it is on the switch-off mode. This service notifies you about the caller who attempted to contact you while your Airtel mobile number was out of service or switched off.

Airtel offers these services to its customers to compete with JIO’s missed call alert service.

If you compare Airtel’s missed call alert service to JIO and you will see that JIO provides this service for free for a lifetime, while airtel charges Rs.30 per month.

This is not what you want, but you should be aware of these facts.

We will now focus on the topic: How to activate miss-call alert services on Airtel.

How to activate missed calls alert in your Airtel Mobile Number

You can either stop or start missed call alerts on your Airtel number in one of two ways. These are two simple steps that are easy to follow. If you have any questions, you can always call customer service 198 or visit their helpdesk. They will help you to resolve this issue. 

We will now examine the ways in which missed call alerts can be activated free of charge for one month and then after that followed by Rs. 30/month.

You can do this by making a missed call using the dialer codes. In this case, you need to dial a code and then press the call dialer button on your phone. Another way is that you can send SMS and type-specific codes or characters in capital letters.

These two methods will be briefly discussed below. These methods can be used to activate miss call alerts on the phone.

These are the two ways to activate a this service on airtel Prepaid or Postpaid sim.

Through Dialer

This service can also be activated using this method in which you need to simply dial *321*800# to activate this service on your Airtel phone number. For Deactivation dial *321*883# code.


Send a message to 121 by typing START in your message box.  A message will be sent with a complete service list. Select Airtel Missed call alert from the list. To activate the service, confirm your selection.

Here are the steps in simple language to make it easy for you to follow the process

  1. Open Message Box

    You can open the Message Box on your phone

  2. Type START

    You can write “start” in the Message Box

  3. Send to 121

  4. You can send this to Number 121
  5. Select the Option

    Select option Airtel Missed call alert from the Menu

  6. Press the button

    Click on Confirm after selecting the appropriate option

Soon you will receive a confirmation email/ message.

Activate Free Missed Call Alerts in your mobile Number for 30 days

Airtel prepaid activation is the same regardless of whether you have a postpaid or prepaid plan. You can still access this services for your airtel phone number. This service is available free for 30 days when the subscriber activates it for the first time. After that, Airtel charges Rs.30 per month.

How to view missed calls when your phone is not active or swithched off?

Sometimes, our cellphones are not in active mode. In these cases, we are curious as to who called us.

You can activate the Airtel miss call alert service if your phone is switched off. You can activate a this service for free on your Airtel number by following the above steps.

If you miss any calls while your phone is off, you’ll get a message when you turn on your phone. The message includes a phone number and the name of the person calling you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Airtel offer missed call alert services?

They provide missed call alert service for every airtel number. However, you must activate them.

What are the various methods to activate the airtel missed-call alert service?

You can activate an airtel missed phone call alert by using two methods. The SMS method is the most popular, compared to the other. Both are covered in this article.

Is there a charge for airtel missed call alerts?

After 30 days of free service, The company will start charging Rs. 30 per month.

Which Miss Call Alert Service is Better, Airtel or Jio?

Jio offers a miss call alert service for free for a lifetime and we believe it is a good service. This service is provided by airtel for free for only 30 days, after which they charge Rs. 30/month.

Does Airtel offer a free Missed Call Alert Service?

It provides free missed calls alert service for a month. After that, They charge Rs. 30/month

How do I activate missed call alerts for an Airtel number via SMS?

Airtel Missed Call Alert SMS can be activated by typing START in your message field and send it to 121. You will then receive a message containing a list of services you wish to start. Send the message to the same number. The company will send you instructions via the same message.

How do I activate the Airtel Missed Call  Alert through Miss Call Method?

To activate miss call alert via miss call, dial *321*800# and press the call button.

How do I deactivate the Airtel Miss Call Alert through Miss Call?

To activate miss call alert via miss call, dial *321*883# then press the call button.

Some more Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deactivate Airtel Missed Call Alert Services?

It is easy to deactivate Airtel missed call alert services. Simply type STOP into your message box, and then send it to 155223. Or send it to 121. The company will send you a text message in which you can select the service that you wish to discontinue for your number. Follow the instructions as given in the message.

I purchased a new sim from airtel, but I am not receiving missed calls alerts. What should I do?

You will need to follow these steps if your sim card is not yet activated to receive missed call alerts on your phone. 

To Conclude: Airtel Provides Missed call alert services to all its users, and this service is free but for one month only. In order to activate this service on your phone, you can follow either of two methods. If you are able to activate this services on your phone, then share this post with your friends who want to activate or deactivate this services. Thank You!

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